Well its been a while since I updated this blog.  Real life work and the fact I have been doing other things in Eve has meant I have not really had a lot to say about the game recently.  I am still in there playing but focussing on the development of another character.  More about that in good time.

Anyway, this has meant a bit of downtime away from Moriarity and invariably less to talk about.  Moriarity is still developing his skills and floating around different parts of FW.  Its my alt that I have been studying. The truth is I have been mining!  Since the recent changes to mining barges this has become a much more interesting profession.

There is something zen like about mining.  You sit in a very unusual position in eve, at the base of a pyramid of makers generating the minerals that will eventually form the basis of ships, charges and modules.  There is something fascinating about that.  Much is made about pew pew and about going out to grief and irritate others in Eve.  People often sing about the glories of player led events like Hulkageddon.  But there is very little said about those who just quietly get on with the task of harvesting and building.

Having studied this side of eve for some time I am now beginning to see that this kind of thing takes a lot of time to get into.  From the outset it has been a slow process understanding efficiency and how different skills combine to provide you with a meaningful yield.  I have spent days bewildered at how slow output can be and then as my skills have kicked in I am now beginning to see that mining can be very lucrative.

The reason for doing this was quite clear.  I hate missions.  I need a source of income that will allow Moriarity to fly something a bit more than a rifer.  With Mr Miner I can see that is now a real possibility.