So after losing 15 Rifters and 3 Thrashers I finally managed to find some poor sod young enough for me to solo kill.  I got so excited that I forgot about all morality and bagged the pod as well.  It was a case of the usual roam around low sec when a Punisher was spotted on scan in Arzad.  After narrowing the ship down to a belt it was a case of warping in at range to get a look at the pilot.  Andros Acami, four days into the game.  Yes! Finally, someone to shoot at that one had a reasonable  chance to kill! The problem was getting to him before some other git did.


Then, frustration, burning towards him and he warped off to the next belt. Damn!  Why oh why didn’t I have a 74km Warp Scrambler!  Doesn’t he know that I haven’t killed shit for months?  All I need is for the we fecker to stay still long enough for me to bag the kill.  I was after him, we warped around the system from belt to belt.  I knew that he didn’t know much because he kept warping in at zero.  Then I lost him.  Nooooooo!  How the feck could I lose a four day old noob!

The search for Spock continued for the next five minutes.  I warped around the system, checking my scanner, he was moving around.  After ten minutes I narrowed him down to another belt.  Warped in, locked and this time got my web and scrambler up and running.  Then my Rifter “Rubber Donkey” (a tad juvenile I know) was onto him, the autocannons tearing through his shields, into his armour.  By the time he started shooting back he was deep into armour and a few seconds more into structure.


What a pretty sight the explosion was.  I couldn’t stop myself locked up his pod and pop.  He was gone.  Then it occurred to me, I am supposed to be trying to earn ISK by ransoming.  “Bugger”.  I warped into a safe spot to wait for the GCC to pass.  Maybe I should convo him?  After all his ship had an awful fit and the fight was so uneven, he might pay me for advice, now I was all leet and shit. I also noted that podding someone means you don’t get that ‘gf’ thing in local, hmmm a bit disappointing.  GF is something we all have to do even if we just had our assess handed to us on a plate for the eighth time in a row.  I felt a bit bad. Like that time when I was a teenager and I knocked an ice cream out of a kids hand just to watch them cry.

The feeling lasted about a minute, I used distraction tactics. In order to make myself feel better I let AUTOZ know I had finally bagged that first solo kill in a ‘cat that got the cream kind of way’.  I posted the kill mails and sat and thought about it.  Now I know what people were thinking when I first started flying around low sec a few months ago.  There is no doubt that all the people I have fought cut through me in the same way that I had cut through Andros. It was a sobering thought.  Checking the combat logs confirmed this.  I managed to hit him for between 150-340 damage he was hitting for 28-34, this is exactly the same damage I was doing back then. I went through 10 rifters before I figured out what was wrong.  Damn I am a slow learner.  I was also a gift wrapped kill back then.

It was an easy kill but it is small first step.  My first step into PvP with a small dash of moral depravity to go with it.  The bad feelings will go away eventually.  Andros Acami has gone away too.  :-/